Windows 8.1 Blu ray Media Player to Play Blu-ray/HD Videos on Windows 8.1

As we all know that the new Windows 8.1 operating system is not support Blu-ray playback natively. To accomplish this work, you have to ask for the third party tools. You may refer to the professional tools like PowerDVD or Arcsoft Total Media Theatre, but here I want to recommend you a simple yet powerful app – UFUSoft Blu-ray Media Player for Windows 8.1.

Not only a Blu-ray player software for the Windows 8.1 OS, but also is UFUSoft Blu-ray Media Player a Windows 8.1 Media Player. That means you can not only play Blu ray disc, blu ray folder and blu ray iso image files on windows 8.1, but also enjoy almost any type of media files like MTS, M2TS, MXF, XAVC, H.265, HD MOV, HD AVI, DVD, HD MKV, HD WMV, HD RM/RMVB, HD MP4, audio, etc. on your computer.

With this amazing Windows 8.1 Blu-ray Media player, you could get wonderful HD video watching experience and fully enjoy the HD entertainment on Blu-ray disc whether it’s DTS-HD Master Audio or Dolby TrueHD. With 100 percent lossless audio and dramatic high-definition (HD) surround sound, this Blu-ray Player ensures you hear every nuance of Blu-ray movies without any loss of quality on Windows 8.1.

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Steps to Play Blu-ray Disc Movies and HD Videos on Windows 8.1

Step 1: Inset the Blu-ray Disc into Blu-ray drive

First of all, you should have a Blu-ray drive, like internal or external Blu-ray drive is available. And then you need to inset your Blu-ray Disc into Blu-ray drive.

Step 2: Download and launch the Blu-ray Media Player for Windows 8.1

Here you can download UFUSoft Windows 8.1 Blu-ray Player and install it on your computer, and then launch the program to open the main interface.

windows 10 blu ray player

Step 3: Open Blu-ray Disc on the program

Click “Open Disc” button and select the Blu-ray drive to load the Blu-ray Disc to the Windows 8.1 Blu ray Media Player. And the program would play the Blu-ray Disc automatically for you.

If you want to add HD video to the program, you can click “Open File” button and select the HD video to open it on the program or you can click “File” drop-down list at top left of the main interface and select “Open File” to open HD video

play blu-ray disc on windows 10

Step 4: Choose specific title/chapter

Click the “Controls” column list at top left corner of the main interface, here you can choose your preferred title/chapter to watch, and choose previous or next title/chapter for playback on Windows 8.1.

customize the playing effect

In addition, you can adjust the audio track and video track to get the perfect audiovisual effect. Furthermore, it allows you to capture the favorite image with the “Snapshot” function.

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